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4th grader in debate
debate in 4th grade


At a Glance

4th graders debating

Our 4th graders debated today! Everyone was given a role as a Loyalist or Patriot, and the two sides debated whether or not the 13 colonies should be independent of Great Britain.

Spring Concert

What a fantastic turnout at our Spring Concert this afternoon! Our Wildcats truly impressed us with their incredible talents. 

Wildcat Leaders

Woodfield 5th grade Wildcat leaders, through their dedication and kindness, continue to actively contribute to the vibrant spirit that makes Woodfield a great place to be.

4K and 5K Enrollment

4k/5k enrollment is open! The 2023-2024 school year is well underway, and it is time for us to think ahead to the 2024-2025 school year and our NEW 4K/5K students. 

Solar Eclipse

Thanks to the generosity of the PTO, Woodfield Elementary students were thrilled to have the opportunity to safely view the solar eclipse using protective glasses. It was a memorable moment that sparked scientific curiosity!


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